Patient Testimonials

  • Kr

    My experience attending Optimum Performance and Therapy Clinic and the staff has been nothing short of amazing. Since the first time at my evaluation, everyone was very kind and respectful. The process was easy and smooth. Once I attended the physical therapy sessions, the staff was very understanding and helpful. I would give them my problem areas and they knew exactly what to do. After an injury and/or surgery, it can make you feel down. But, the staff at Optimum Performance Therapy Clinic help you get through it and make you feel like family. I would no doubt recommend anyone and everyone to come to Optimum Performance Therapy Clinic. They get the job done!


  • Richard testimonial

    I have been to numerous PT clinics in the past. By far, this has been the best experience. Patient and friendly staff. Very professional. I would recommend to anyone. I have been here for 3 different PT sessions over the last 4 years. Thank you all and God Bless your clinic.


  • richard EL Paso, TX

    The staff and the facility are awesome! The staff is very professional, helpful and understanding to patients needs. The facility provides and has all the necessary equipment to help with the recovery necessary. The facility is very clean and very well maintained. This is a “first class” operation and I highly recommend this clinic. Thank you to the entire staff because of your help and efforts I am healing very well.


  • Optimum testimonial

    Blessed are those that help those in need. Patrick and his staff are the highest quality in therapy practice. 20 sessions ago, I could not go up the stairs in my own home. Today after being under their professional care, I am playing golf again with my family at Thanksgiving. I will keep you all in my prayer. Muchas gracias and God bless you all. See you when I get my other knee done.


  • testimonial

    I came in with pain and extreme instability in my ankles. I was told only surgery would “fix” my ankles. My PCP recommend I try PT. Now 8 weeks later, I am able to walk in my high heels again without fear of falling.


  • Kellie testimonial

    I have had two knee replacements in 2.5 years. I came to your facility both times. I came back here for this knee replacement because the staff was awesome and I healed quickly. The staff did not let me down. They were kind and patient with me, but most of all they treated me like I was more than a patient. They talked to me about things other than my PT exercises. They make it a great atmosphere to work out in. I will continue to recommend this facility to friends that need PT.


  • patient review

    Thank you so much for all your help. Patrick and the staff are great. Exercises helped straighten out my injury. I will continue to follow your advice in the future to maintain my health. Thank you all! I wish you much success.


  • optimum review

    Optimum is one of the best physical therapy clinics I have seen. The entire staff was knowledgeable about my condition and were able to trade off at will.

    The staff is fun to be around they made this experience excellent. I no longer use a cane and have very little pain any longer. This was a great experience for me and I leave in much better shape than when I first started this journey.


  • The staff are very knowledgeable about their field of work and are very friendly. They make therapy not seem like hard work. I’ve gone to other therapy facilities and didn’t always want to go for various reasons, but I enjoyed going to OPTC.

    I came to try to alleviate as much pain as possible from my hip and knees. I have accomplished this with the help of the wonderful staff. If anyone is in need of physical therapy, I would recommend OPTC to everyone.


  • I came into physical therapy with a walker and barely able to walk after my hip surgery. Thanks to Dr. Brandon, Sophie and Rosa. I feel great with my left hip. 10 sessions at Optimum and some work at home made a huge difference.


  • My results were phenomenal. I had very limited movement and 4 short weeks later I have full mobility in my shoulder. The staff is wonderful and definitely now how to get the best results for their patients. The staff is wonderful to work with and always helpful with any questions.


  • You ‘all’ were awesome! I had a great outcome & results. I will definitely refer your Therapy clinic to family and friends. The key component was you targeted the injury and designed a therapy regimen to resolve the problem. The exercise you all taught me will be instrumental to my staying healthy. Thank you.


  • They were very knowledgeable and professional and really went the extra mile. I can’t say enough about the quality of care I received. The facility is very nice and the staff at the front desk were also great!


  • They do a great job keeping my PT challenging but fun.


  • If you are in need of physical therapy, this is the place to go…I can’t thank them enough for working on my back and getting it back in shape.


  • I am no longer in pain, I have full range of motion in my left shoulder again, and I am on the road to recovering the strength I have prior to injury.